Luxury Apocalypse Bunkers

luxury apocalypse bunkers
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Survive the end of the world in style with fancy-schmance apocalypse bunkers.

luxury apocalypse bunkers

Further proof that rich people have a leg-up in life; luxury apocalypse bunker condominiums offer a stylish sanctuary from the end of civilization. The weather has been going so bat-shit crazy lately that I have been thinking a lot about Armageddon. Part of me has always thought it would be kind of fun to be stripped of the modern amenities that make us so comfortable, while the other part would hate to give up my internet access.

The ‘Survival Condo Project’ is a luxury condo complex built in a missile silo 15 stories below ground in Kansas. Originally built in the 1960s by the US Army, the compound features 9-foot thick concrete walls capable of withstanding a direct nuclear attack as well as a dome structure that can withstand 500 mph winds.

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Larry Hall, a real-estate developer recently bought the silo, and has since sold out every single condo, ranging in prices from 1.5 to $3 million.

The structure features a local power grid with wind turbine backups, an internalized air filtration system, enough food to feed every occupant for years, and a hydrophobic garden that can grow up to 70 varieties of fresh fruit and veggies. There is obviously no sunlight, but fake windows with video screens broadcast whatever scenery the resident’s choose.

I don’t exactly have a few million lying around, but if I ever do I will probably snatch one of these condos up tout-suite. That way, if my apocalypse fantasy gets a little tired I can retire to Kansas, and take a break from the radiation-filled air and plague of zombies.

luxury apocalypse bunkers


luxury apocalypse bunkers

luxury apocalypse bunkers

luxury apocalypse bunkers

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