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Why Marijuana Might Actually Be Healthy

Marijuana has become the latest “in” thing. You can see it far more on TV, and it’s now available in many cities. One college even went so far as to offer a course on farming it. Despite its popularity, a few studies have linked marijuana to health problems…

But, did you know that there are actually health benefits to taking this drug?


Is Marijuana Healthy?

Here are some of the health benefits to taking marijuana:

  • Fight Cancer —  The cannabinoids in marijuana are known to target cancerous cells, and are able to stop the growth of tumors. Of course, the testing has all been done on lab mice, but there is hope for the future of cancer.
  • Inhibit HIV –-The journal PLoS ONE has recently published the results of a study linking marijuana to an inhibition of the HIV virus. Marijuana-like chemicals can stop the HIV virus from breaking down the immune system.
  • Treat Tourette’s Syndrome –-Everyone is familiar with the often-violent, uncontrollable Tourette’s Syndrome, complete with facial grimaces, snorts, shouts, and tics. Thankfully, marijuana could help this problem, or so a German college discovered. Giving Tourette’s patients a dose of marijuana helped to reduce the symptoms of their problem for up to several hours.
  • Migraine Help — Medical marijuana has been legalized in California for a few years, and already doctors are reporting that it has helped them to treat up to 300,000 cases of previously untreatable migraines.
  • Reduce Glaucoma –– Everyone knows that marijuana is the most commonly recommended glaucoma treatment, but the truth is that it’s also the most effective. Every study done on the subject shows that marijuana has no detrimental effects on the problem.
  • Fight Seizures –– Marijuana has an anti-spasmodic effect, meaning it can help to reduce seizures and spasms. There are thousands of cases of seizure patients benefitting from using marijuana – with special strains grown specifically to treat seizures.
  • Counter Sclerosis –– A number of people have used marijuana to treat their MS, among them famous talk show host Montel Williams. The reason that this drug works to treat the problem is because it can help to reduce the muscle spasms and neurological effects that result from the disorder.


  • Fight PMS –– It is believed that the use of marijuana to reduce the symptoms of PMS dates all the way back to Queen Victoria. The cannabinoids in the marijuana can help to reduce the cramps and pains that accompany PMS – reducing the symptoms and making it much more manageable for women.
  • Treat IBS –– Both IBS and Crohn’s disease can be treated using marijuana, thanks to the fact that it can reduce the pain in your abdomen – along with diarrhea and nausea. If you’re got stomach pains, it may be time to toke up.
  • Positively Affect ADD and ADHD — Both ADD and ADHD can be reduced by using marijuana – or so a California university study found not too long ago. It is an alternative for Ritalin that has proven to be effective, and with none of the side effects of the medication.
  • Fight Heart Problems –– Evidently, recent research has provided evidence that marijuana can reduce the risk of heart problems by as much as 66%. Reducing heart attacks by this incredible rate could help to take heart disorders off the list of the top killers in the world.
  • Treat Alzheimer’s –– Taking marijuana can be a good way to treat Alzheimer’s disease, as the THC it contains can block the deposits in your brain that contribute to the memory less and brain function decline that is Alzheimer’s.

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