Married Sex Survey Unveils the Truth

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The cold, hard truth about married sex.

Married couples have long been disregarded by the sexually active community altogether… they’ve been laughed at, poked at, and occasionally posted about on Craigslist (most likely by mistake). In fact, from the perspective of single people, it’s long been a wonder exactly how it is that married people often end up with biological children. Thank goodness we found this awesome comprehensive married people sex survey on the interwebs to clear it all up.

Here are some of the factoids we found most interesting:

One third of married women reported they were in the mood to have sex with their husband yesterday or today.

More than 51% of the married women said they have used technology to flirt with their husband. Nearly one in four married women sends flirty texts, while one in five emails seductive messages. And believe it or not — married women would rather have sex with hubby than to log onto Facebook.

Forty-one percent of married women with kids under 10 have used a vibrator or sex toy with their spouse, over half (53%) have bought sexy lingerie, and 1 in 3 were late to work or an appointment because they were having sex with their spouse.

Married women aren’t settling in the bedroom! Seventy-five percent say having a healthy, good sex life with their partner is very to extremely important. Only five percent reported having a good sex life wasn’t important.

Sixty-four percent of married women who’ve had multiple partners report that hubby’s the best sex they’ve ever had.

Two-thirds of married women reported having sex with their husband out of marital obligation. Of those, nearly 1 in 5 report doing it frequently.

If married women could cheat without their spouse ever knowing, would they? Seventy-seven percent of married women say they wouldn’t, while 11 percent said they would and 13 percent weren’t sure.

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