A Meth Filled Easter Bunny: WTF world?

meth filled easter bunny
Written by Gary

Police in Oklahoma intercepted an Easter bunny filled with meth.

meth filled easter bunny

I don’t know if we should consider this an Easter miracle, but the fact that this crazy drug-related shit didn’t go down in Florida is a small blessing.

Police in Tahlequah, Oklahoma recently discovered a stuffed Easter bunny containing two condoms full of meth, on the way to the home of Carolyn Ross. Ross admitted that she knew the meth was on the way, and was supposed to re-distribute it to someone else. Police intercepted the drugs and posed as delivery men to make the actual delivery, and serve the arrest warrant, which is just salt on a wound if you ask me.

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The meth was totaled at around $30,000, so I can guarantee you that some drug dealers in Oklahoma are having a pretty crappy Easter. Here’s my problem with this meth filled Easter bunny, though: Eastern bunnies are supposed to be hollow. Everyone knows that.

The moral of the story is, if you gave your children any Easter bunnies for the holiday, make sure the stuffed toys aren’t actually drug mules. That is, unless you want your kids to be glamorously thin and spend 10 hours at a time cleaning the house.

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