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We hope by now you’ve ordered your Delft-style fine china with graffiti, because you’ll want it while you’re dining beneath this funky chandelier made entirely of men’s eyeglasses.  That’s right.  This chandelier is the ultimate conversation piece, and as far as we’re concerned, it’s green too! (recycling counts)


Stuart Haygarth makes chandeliers out of discarded materials like including eyeglasses and other random object. I wish I could put a little thumbs up here.  This chandelier you see above was made from over 1,000 pairs of eyeglasses. In a recent interview, he wrote:

For years I have always wanted to do a piece of work with spectacles or sunglasses. This started because I was always finding strange spectacles at flea markets and the fact that each pair once had an owner who relied on them as a tool to see. This narrative and the idea of making a light from an object that helps people to see (in the same way a light does) I find interesting. I have specifically chosen to use spectacles with transparent plastic frames so that the frame becomes illuminated.

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