Baby Makin’ Music

Written by Marisa

Your mind might be telling you NOOOO…but your body’s telling you YESSSS.  You’ve been asking for it all night. You tease him in the club, throw some booty in his face, walk out of the club with determination, grab a cab and get to the spot. You start to make-out by the doorman, in the elevator, on the hallway floor and at the front door. He opens the door, leads to you his room, throws you on the bed and says those words you’ve been waiting to hear.

“Girl, you make me wanna get you pregnant.” ( Listen Below) R.-Kelly-Pregnant-feat.-Tyrese-Robin-Thicke-The-Dream

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hold up! spread your baby-maker girrrrl

“He’s never felt like this. (You’re) more than a mistress. (He’s) about to handle (his) business.” R. Kelly is ready ladies, to “lay your body down and get you pregnant. (knocked up, knocked up),”  with his new jam “Pregnant” (feat. Tyrese, Robin Thicke & The-Dream). Get off your BC and get down with some baby makin’ because there’s no better time to put a bun in your belly than to the beat of the R’a –“put them pills on chill and get me my baby,” lady! Screw the protection, Kelly Kells wants to make them babies.

I’m a strong believer that if a “baby makin’” playlist is damn good, it could get you pregnant. One time I was mid-hook up with a smooth operator and he stops to put on some mood music. The jams were so hot, I started naming our baby.

And don’t worry “because in 30-some weeks, (he’s) still gonna hit it.”

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Marisa knows random like Britney knows crazy. She's *the* go-to person for random Chicago info with the trophy to prove it. If you’re itchin’ for BYOB Chinese with transvestite servers followed by live-band karaoke, BBM Marisa. By day, she's slangin' ads--writing about Mac 'n Cheese, Jell-O, A.1. and all things momtastic. By night, she practices her crow pose, rocks dunks, cooks like Giada, spins indie rock and gangsta rap and explores the city. She's been known to enjoy carbs or things covered in truffle oil and black cherry vodka covered in flashing lights and boombastic beats.


  • This is the funniest thing I’ve heard about all day. No where in it does he mention 18 years of child support or his penchant for 13 year old girls. I’m still laughing!

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