My Wish for 2011: To Find This Pup A Home!

Written by Ashley

Thinking about adopting a puppy? Zeus is your man.

Over here, I was thinking Christmas Day with friends, family, games & cheer couldn’t get any better, Zeus sauntered in to the mix, excited and ready to play. Upon meeting this adorable pup, I was smitten, immediately falling madly in love with his little puppy face.  I would have had him home with me Christmas night, but after much consideration, and a little gentle check from my mother, I came upon the conclusion that my lifestyle choices did not allot me the ability to take care of this adorable ball of furry good-ness, With his endless kind energy, we walked, we played, and we cuddled, like WHOA, until it was time for Zeus to hit the road yet again.  Therefore, my resolution for 2011 is to help spread the word about this gorgeous wee man.

If you’re down to get down with Zeus, his tail’s a-waggin’  — check out his profile here // and apply to adopt him HERE.

I mean, seriously. Look at his little face. Can you even stand it?!

Via Zeus’ Adoption Site:

Age: 5 months (born Aug 1 2010) – all shots are up to date
About Zeus: He is a high energy puppy. He loves to play with other dogs, always making friends at the dog park. He is still in the chewy stage and loves beef tendons (My Lucy generally steals them from him before he can finish!) He is house trained to the extent that a puppy can be.  He came to me with no crate training and is now crate trained for nights and when I am out for a while.  I would love to see him in a home with another playful dog and/or an experienced dog owner as Zeus is willful!

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  • What about your life makes it hard to have a dog? I have a friend who is in the ACTIVE coast guard and is on Duty for 24 hours one or two times a week and is occasionally shipped out for training a few times a year (for weeks at a time) and she LOVES her dog and is a great dog owner. It might cost you a little more to be a good dog owner than someone who has a normal 9-5 job, but anyone can be a good dog owner if you think about the dog’s best interest..

  • Lindsay it depends on if you can afford doggy daycare or are willing to take cuts in other areas to afford it and the time to care for a dog. Like a baby it takes a lot of consideration and applaud Ashley for realizing she is not ready for the responsibility and is doing what she can to get him a new mommy and/or daddy.

    If my building (evil co-op board) allowed dogs I would take him from you on a NYC minute.

  • Lindsay, I get what you’re saying BUT there are tons of lifestyles that prevent someone from adopting a dog in NYC, like having roommates that are allergic/adverse to pets, having a landlord who does not want you to have a pet (for very obvious reasons), and as you mentioned, the cost is great when you have to pay someone else constantly to sit for/walk your dog throughout the day so that it’s not neglected all day. Dogs HATE being left alone and will take it out on your living quarters.

    It’s not practical for everyone to own a dog, and I don’t think it’s right to question why someone who met a chill dog but couldn’t accommodate them in their own home is spreading the word so that someone who can, will.

  • Lindsay, first… I know you’re wondering. Yes, yes I took artistic liberties & photoshopped those hearts on there, myself. Hope you like.

    Secondly, as both Steph and Samantha mentioned, there are tons of reasons why I know that I would not be the appropriate individual. As a roommate, with a landlord, bringing a dog in to the house would have NEVER been allowed. In addition, if I were knowledgeable about dogs (I’ve never owned a dog, or been around one in my care more than a couple of hours), and if I were living on my own with close proximity to tons of outdoor space, and had a normal job that allotted me the time, funds and energy to research & give this wee baby the ultimate love, dedication and active lifestyle it deserved — you best believe I would have him locked down.

    I know this is just one dog, out of the thousands looking for support – but he struck a cord. Here’s hoping that someone will give Zeus a happy home!

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