New Yorks Finest Cab Drivers Pose For a Sexy Pinup Calendar

new york cab drivers pinup calendar
Written by Gary

There is basically nothing sexier than a New York cab driver. They all have accents, ignore everything you say, talk to their foreign colleagues via blue-tooth headsets (responsibility is so hot), nearly kill their passengers 40% of the time (ooh, bad boys), and shit in grocery bags rather than stopping at a Starbucks like a normal person (productivity is hot, too).

new york cab drivers pinup calendar

Photographers Phil Kirkman and Shannon McLaughlin know this better than anyone, and decided to commemorate these international sex symbols in a 2014 calendar for charity. To celebrate this, I have a few interesting cabbie stories to share.

One time, I was making out with my boyfriend in the back seat, and the cab driver asked if he could join us upstairs at my apartment.

Another time, a cab driver refused to take us to Queens to play laser tag so my lawyer friend got all yo momma on him, held up his iPhone and threatened to dial the numbers 311. Needless to say we got a ride, and I bought my friend an ice cream for growing some balls.

Another time, I woke up SHITFACED in Miami, 30 minutes before my flight in Fort Lauderdale took off. We told our cab driver this, and he defied the laws of physics, gravity, and good judgment and got us there in 20 minutes.

Another time, a tranny prostitute friend of my roommate propositioned the cab driver for a blowjob on our way home. We went upstairs. She joined us about ten minutes later with two fresh $20 bills and a sore jaw. The cab ride was free.

All of these stories are true, on my honor as a gay.

Proceeds from the calendar benefit University Settlement, a social services organization.

The calendar itself will benefit everyone, because nobody will ever have to watch porn again.

Have a crazy NYC cab driver story? Share it in the comments below!

new york cab drivers pinup calendar

new york cab drivers pinup calendar

new york cab drivers pinup calendar

new york cab drivers pinup calendar

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