Is Phubbing Ruining Our Relationships?

Written by Gary

Phubbing = the art of snubbing your relationship for your phone.


I talk a lot about how technology is ruining relationships, but that’s only because it totally is. In fact, you are probably reading this post on your phone or tablet right now while your boyfriend sits beside you, nursing his frigid heart by looking at selfies of Kylie Jenner instead of giving you all the attention you need, deserve, and will likely complain about later.

The science behind it is that we seek emotional relief from isolation via our phones rather than our partners. To anyone who didn’t have a cell phone until they were an adult, this seems crazy. To the younger generations, this seems normal. File under: ugh, youths.

This totally makes me scared for the future of romantic relationships.

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According to a survey of more than 400 people at Baylor University, 46.3% of respondents said they have felt snubbed by their partners’ attention to their phones, and 22.6% of them said it caused issues in their relationships.

One variable to consider is that if you are secure in your relationship, phubbing bothers you less. This makes sense, because if you aren’t worried about your partner stepping out on you, you’re less likely to think he is texting some THOT while he canoodles you night.

Whatever say you, we are seeking emotional fulfillment through tech devices instead of people, and this is totally ass-backwards. The findings of the study are below, but the fact is undeniable that technology may eventually lead to the demise of relationships. Personally, I’d rather give up phubbing than cuddling an actual human.

 “The institution of marriage (and romantic relationships in general) is under attack. Approximately 40-50 percent of all marriages will end in divorce, while many of the intact unions are poorly functioning and are characterized by low levels of relationship satisfaction on the part of one or both partners.

As intimated in the title of this paper, it appears that life has become a major distraction from our cell phones. It is ironic that cell phones, originally designed as a communication tool, may actually hinder rather than foster satisfying relationships among romantic partners.”

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