Happy Piglet With No Hind Legs

pig with no legs
Written by Gary

Chris P. Bacon is a tiny piglet that was born with no hind legs.

pig with no legs

If you are having a bad day, I implore you to look at these photos. If they don’t make you realize how good you have it, nothing will. Chris P. Bacon (forehadowing) is a baby piglet that was born without hind legs. Since most of the pigs on the planet end up on our breakfast plates you would think this wouldn’t matter, but Chris P. was lucky enough to have benevolent owners.

Chris P.’s owners ghetto-rigged a miniature wheelchair out of children’s toys for him, so now the happy piglet can wheel around the yard like the second runner up in the Special Olympics.

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No word on whether Chris P. will end up living up to his last name, but for the sake of sanity let’s pretend he will remain a domestic pet.

I bet your day just got a whole lot brighter. You’re welcome.

pig with no legs

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  • first of all you spelled his name wrong, it’s Chris P. Bacon, the name came from a character in a video game that Chris’s dad used to play. second, he has back legs, they just don’t work
    Maybe get your story straight before you print crap that’s going all over the world on the internet. People like you really piss me off

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