This Plus-Size Male Ballet Dancer is Challenging Stereotypes

plus size male dancer
Written by Gary

Plus size male ballet dancer.

A plus-size male dancer is changing the way the world looks at ballet.

plus size male dancer

I have never personally been plus-size, but I will straight up admit that I have seen plus-size people do things that I never could, such as backflips, choreographed dancer numbers, and like, sports and stuff. Erik Cavanaugh, an American ballet dancer is doing his part to make sure the world knows that plus size performers can do anything their counterparts can do by flooding his instagram with photos and videos of his performances. We’ve all seen Black Swan, so we know that many ballerinas are super skinny, body dysmorphic perfectionists. Cavanaugh is challenging this not only with his size, but his skill. He has been mentioned in the New York Post, and some of his videos have gone viral on the internet.

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His goal is to get on The Ellen Show, and to be an example for other plus-size people out there, proving that you can do anything you set your mind to, regardless of your size.


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