Prep Your Step- Bridal Do’s For Your Wedding

Written by Emily

For some reason, Danielle and I decided there is something in the water, EVERYONE is either getting engaged or married.  Having done bridal make-up for going on almost 7 years, I decided this would be the perfect time to write my “Bridal” post.  This post is dedicated to the brides and the poor friends of the bride that have to deal with the Bridezillas.


First thing that’s necessary for any blushing bride is their skin.  When walking down the aisle, you have one chance to put your best face forward.  Get on a good skin care regimen about 8-12 weeks before the big day to make sure your skin is looking crystal clear and bright and dewy.

For all things good and pure, try out Garden of Eve‘s line of skin care products ranging from masks to hand cream to stuff for your man.  They only use organic cold pressed oils, organically grown and wild-crafted herbs and unbleached, unrefined hand pressed butters and waxes.  No need to worry if your skin will have a break out from artificial fragrances or dyes!

Garden of Eve

Ok, so your skin is set.  Now what?! Here are 4 basic items that are essential for your special day.

1.  PRIMER!!– I can’t stress this crap enough.  It’s the one product that 80% of the make-up wearing population doesn’t own.  It’s a crime not to prime!  Would you not use a primer before painting a wall?  It’s the same idea.  The “Finishing Touch” Primer by Elizabeth Grant is a great primer to start with.  It is going to keep your make-up looking just like it did when you put it on even after all your kissing, hugging, and dancing.

2. Water/Sweat/Rub/Everything-proof Eyeliner-  I don’t care what anyone says, the Ink Artliner from Lancomè is freaking tops.  Now that the heat is finally here, it is really important to keep that on right where you, or your make-up artist, puts it.  This stuff is the business, I’ve been using it on myself and brides for over a year.  It means business.

3. LIPGLOSS!! This is the one thing I tell every bride-to-be, bridesmaid, EVERYONE at a wedding to keep at easy access.  Everyone loves Lancome’s Juicy Tubes, and its no secret why. Get the Juicy Tube Jelly for ultra shine in Miracle.  It will go over whatever lipstick you choose! Shiny kissable lips for every pictures.  Done deal.

4. Bronzer/Something to make you glow– This is really the best thing for pictures.  Don’t want to be that dull girl in all your pictures?!  Invest in something to make you glow.  Wear it.  I am obsessed with anything that gives my skin that “dewy” look.  Thank you to DEX for creating Mineral Glow.  I love you.  Seriously.

To get your “outdoor glow for the indoor gal” kinda glow, check out DEX here in NYC.  Ashley swears by this as her hot Irish ass can’t handle too much of the UVA rays (It’s ok yo, we loves you anyways) so she fakes it with DEX’s Body Glow Sunless Tanner. No muss-no-fuss. Wait, so you are also on a budget (you are a bride, of course you are)?!?! No fear. It’s on sale for $29.  Holla!  If you don’t want the responsibility of doing it yourself and you live in the city, go directly to their studio and have the professionals do it for you!  Call DEX at 212.643.3188 ext. 107


Stay tuned for Part 2 of this which will include things you need for the day of.  If you are in need of a make-up artist for your wedding, please contact us at info@theluxuryspot.com for info on top make-up artists for your special day!

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  • Awesome list! Thanks Emily!

    Here’s my list:
    1. Exfoliate your lips with a toothbrush the night before – nothing is worse than chapped lips on your wedding day
    2. Blotting papers – instead of adding more powder as the day/night wears on, use blotting paper to combat shine
    3. Q-tips – if you start to shed a tear (or tears) q-tips are your answer to your tears without ruining your make up.
    4. Eye Primer – I like Eye Magnet Primer by POP Beauty – keeps eyeshadow in place all day
    5. Mist & Fix by Make up forever – instead of adding more powder after your make up application, set your make up with Mist & Fix for a dewy natural glow.

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