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Proof That Rihanna Really Loves Her Wine

rihanna drinking wine
Written by Gary

Rihanna loves drinking wine in public.

Judging from these photos, it’s a safe bet to call Rihanna a wino.

rihanna drinking wine

Since I am not an uppity New York transplant or a bored housewife, I am not really that into wine. I understand why other people like it, because its easy to drink and tastes good with dinner, but I’m the kind of gay that drinks to get drunk, and wine doesn’t work fast enough for me.

Rihanna however, is what we would call a wino. You can tell, because she is constantly photographed in public with a wine glass in her hand. I don’t know much about etiquette, but on the off chance that I do indulge in wine at dinner, I generally leave the empty glass on the table. Rihanna however, gets a refill, takes to the streets, and proclaims her love of vino for the Internet to see.

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Honestly the fact that she gives zero fucks about carrying a wine glass around in public, just makes me love her more.

rihanna drinking wine rihanna drinking wine rihanna drinking wine rihanna drinking wine rihanna drinking wine


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