Five Reasons To Let Your Boyfriend Win an Argument

winning an argument
Written by Gary

I have been known to be kind of competitive in my personal life. I am the type of person that never really gets in arguments, mostly because I have convinced everyone in my life that I am always right about everything. On the off chance that I do get into a tiff with a friend though, I know when to admit I am wrong, when to stand up for myself, and when to just let them win.

winning an argument

Straight relationships are even harder, because men and women find it more difficult to understand each other than their homo counterparts. To help ease some of the tension, here are five reasons you should let your boyfriend win an argument.

You just got spray tanned. Unless you want to look like Lil Kim after her black skin starts to grow back, you should probably give in to any post-tanning arguments.

You are around your family. Any fight you have with your boyfriend is either going to turn your family against you, or give them ammunition for the 101 reasons he isn’t the right guy for you. If you feel a fight brewing while you are at home visiting your mom, its best to either find somewhere quiet and soundproof to duke it out, or take one for the team.

Your boyfriend is abusive. Whether he is verbally or physically abusive, the time you spend fighting would be better spent arranging a midnight getaway, or googling the phone numbers to battered women’s shelters.

Your boyfriend desperately needs a win. Sometimes we all have bad days and take it out on each other. If life has consistently been kicking your boyfriend in the balls, sometimes letting him win a petty argument is the considerate thing to do.

You are really horny. Most fights inevitably lead to makeup sex, so if you are fighting about something you don’t particularly care about, letting him win the argument is the fastest way to get him off your back and into your vagina.

After all, the shortest distance between two points is a straight penis.

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