Relationship Spotting: Can a Simple Smile Kill Your Relationship?

Written by Gary


My younger sister and I have a lot in common. I realized this recently while we were sitting in a bathtub at 3 Am eating salt and vinegar chips and getting effed out of our minds. The most important thing we have in common? You do not want to fight with us.

There are several different types of aggression. Some are overt, and in your face. Others are more sneaky and underhanded. One of the things I have noticed when my sister and I fight with people, is that our main objective is just to piss the other person off. So we smile.

Have you ever been in a fight with your significant other and you just get so annoyed or stressed by it that you can’t help but smile?

Chances are, that smile launched your better half into a tirade about how you don’t care about them and your relationship is all a big joke. In reality, you were probably smiling to diffuse the situation, but I have learned on more than one occasion that smiling during an argument is like adding gasoline to a fire.

So, if you are fighting with someone for a valid reason and you actually want a resolution, my suggestion is to keep your mouth closed. Don’t even show a sliver of your teeth. And if you feel the overwhelming need to smile or laugh because of how unreasonable your partner is being, turn it upside-down and frown.

Because unfortunately,  a smile is something that can make or break a relationship.

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