Rock of Love the musical?

Written by Maura

I think I’ve established by this point that I am addicted to trashy reality television..its like a car crash, its awful and you know that something has gone terribly wrong but you can’t turn away. Rock of Love was like a 5 car pile-up, and I was lovin’ it. Since the season ended we haven’t heard much from Bret Michaels, until today. He performed the opening act at the Tony Awards last night. First of all, I know what you’re thinking because Ashley said the same thing when I told her about this..”what the hell was Bret Michaels doing at the Tony’s?!?”..don’t worry, they haven’t made Rock of Love or Poison’s E! True Hollywood Story into a musical just yet..he was actually performing with the cast of the Broadway show Rock of the Ages, a show that satirizes 80’s rock groups like Micheals’ Poison. Right as the last notes of “Nothin’ but a Good Time” rang out, Michaels had his back turned to the crowd, walking to his mark when surprise! the set of the next act comes down and pretty much knocks him the eff out. I mean, he totally just walked right into it and it just laid him out, this shit is priceless. He was fine, no serious injuries to report..hoochies everywhere hoping for a slot on next season’s Rock of Love 27 can breathe easy. As if that little incident could be topped, the show’s host Neil Patrick Harris came out after and said “Amazing! Bret Michaels on the Broadway stage..his number gave head-banging a whole new meaning” Oh, Doogie..you witty mofo. I knew Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle gave me hope for you for some reason. You must check this out for yourself..I just don’t know if my mere relay of the story is sufficient to express the utter hilarity of it all.


Bret Michaels in his prime

Bret Michaels in his prime

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