Men Who Like to Live as Rubber Dolls

rubber dolling
Written by Gary

Adam Ramos makes his living creating female rubber doll suits for cross-dressing men.

rubber dolling

Yet again, the Internet has made me proud to be from Florida. For those of you who aren’t grown-ass men with rubber tits, “rubber dolling” is the process by which men don rubber body suits to make them look like a female (a female made of plastic that is, so basically Renee Zellweger).

Adam Ramos and his mother enjoy a lucrative business making these silicone suits, and service up to 400,000 cross-dressers around the world. Ramos oversees dozens of the suits made weekly at his workshop in California, and originally got the idea from his dad, who got it from watching a TV show called ‘RealDoll’.

Sounds suspiciously Japanese, if you ask me.

The company is called FemSkin, and caters to everyone, from men who like to live their lives as female dolls, to men who just want to sit around and fondle their breasts in the privacy of their own homes. Each suit takes around 4 hours to make, and weighs roughly 12 pounds.

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So if you are feeling sexually explorative, and also a little bit lesbo, it may be time to ask your boyfriend if ‘rubber dolling’ is something he is willing to try.

You never know, he might be into it. If he is, maybe you will finally have solved the mystery of your disappearing bras.

rubber dolling

rubber dolling


rubber dolling


rubber dolling


rubber dolling

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