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Scandal Lingerie For Any Body Type (And We’re Giving Some Away!)

Written by Ashley

Tell us where you’d like to get down & dirty and enter to win a Brulee Boudoir Bodysuit worth $178!

If you’re ‘suffering’ in the bedroom with some things here and there that you’d like to accentuate, cover up, smooth or shift – use these pieces to help make your sexytime confidence shoot sky high.

  1. For the Cutie Wit A Booty: Sassybax Pretty Slip $118 [buy] //  No more lumps or bumps! Sassybax brings shape wear into the new era, with this bra/slip combo that adds lacy detail to amp up the sex appeal.  Sized by bra size, the attached underwire will alleviate any smoosh’d chest from the shapewear of yesteryear, while the tummy, hips, thighs & booty will be smoothed. Comfortable enough to wear all day to work, and sexy enough to skip dinner & head straight to the sack without having to peel your shapewear off.
  2. For the Retro Hourglass Vamp: Parfait by Affiniatas $10-$50 [buy] // Channel your Mad Men fantasty with a high-waisted brief shape. It may sound strange, but this ultra-flattering tummy tamer in a sexy red satin will ring the alarms. Top with a full-shaped bra to match, smooth on some red-lipstick, and let the role-play begin.
  3. For the Wee Tata’d Temptress: Lula Lu Lingerie Desiree Demi $54 Sizes 32AAA – 36AA [buy] // Lula Lu Petite Lingerie has a wide range of pieces, with bra sizes going down to 32 AAA. The Desiree Demi cup (pictured above) has a sexy pink lined molded cup WITHOUT any uncomfortable padding, or any surprised looks on your lovers face. We believe ladies should follow the ‘what you see is what you get’ mentality in the b-room. The secret is in the textured black guipure lace overlay that adds an interesting multi-dimensional oomph, tricking your lover’s eyes into a go goo-goo gaga state.
  4. For ANY Scandal Sista: Brulee Boudoir Bodysuit $178 [buy] his body suit from Brulee is not only in a sexy-touchable satin finish, but the peekaboo mesh details with a flattering waist cinching line.  Whatever your body type, this piece will surely put your assets on display while you can comfortably cover any mid-section insecurities. Until you take it off, of course 😉

WIN IT: Walk away from the computer, and in to the bedroom (or wherever you’re interested in getting down & dirty) with your own Brulee Boudoir Bodysuit, in your choice of SCANDAL colors.  TO ENTER: Just comment below telling us which color you’d love to slip on [cream, plum, black, pewter or bronze], and where you’d like to wear it to seduce your lover. The more scandalous the location, the better.

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a fun-loving, twenty-something living in Brooklyn. She spends most of her time absorbing all the life, tofu and whiskey that NYC has to offer. Her current obsessions? BDG High-waisted leggings, vintage boot shopping in Williamsburg, Katherine Kwei's sling bag and Melanie Marie's two-finger horn ring.


  • I would love to win this Brulee Boudoir Bodysuit in the Plum/Black combo. I’d love to wear it under a silk robe while cooking dinner..nothing better than spicing things up a bit in the kitchen. I hope to win!

  • I’d love it in black, and I’d wear it to seduce my man in a public place (i.e. restaurant bathroom, or the weight room of my gym…at off peak hours of course! ;D)

  • I love black and I’d bring it with us to my first trip to Las Vegas in the Spring. My husband has been there before we were married…..I’ll create BETTER memories for him in these…lol Thanks!

  • I really love the plum/black Brulee Boudoir Bodysuit…if I won it, i would pair it some with wolford stockings and heels, under my black coat and surprise my guy at dinner. I’m thinking Tagine in Beverly Hills 😉

  • pewter without a doubt. I’d wear it out clothes shopping (and bring my boy, of course) and I’d sneak him into the fitting room so he can see me try the clothes on… and take them off 😉

  • Hmmm…I love the plum/black bodysuit that the model is wearing in the pic. but bet it is pretty in cream too…

    My boyfriend and I travel constantly for work, so I think I might save my new look for an evening where I am scheduled to pick him up at the airport, spring for a limo, and get a little scandalous in the backseat.
    It gets hard to keep things spicy with such demanding schedules, but that little hottie-suit would help us out for sure!!!

  • I would love it in black. I am flying back to CA for the holidays, and my fling is picking me up at the airport. I’d change upon landing at SFO and sport it under a trench coat allowing him to unwrap the gift when we got back to his place.

  • I would love to win the Brulee Boudoir Bodysuit and do all my housework in it. I am a publicist who works from home in my sweats normally, but that would be so amazing for my boyfriend to come home from work one day and I am NOT sitting around in sweats and actually doing HOUSEWORK in something sexy. Would be perfect with dish washing gloves and a pair of hot heels. I hope I win!

  • Would love the Black….and will wear it under my jacket while we are having dinner with his parents at a really high class restaurant…and when I excuse myself to the lady’s room he will follow me and hold on to my jacket 😉

  • I love the plum! I would wear it with sky high black pumps with loose, long romantic wavy hair and smokey eyes paired with shiny glossy pouty lips. It would be a special treat for him when he walks in through the door after a long day at work to find me all ready and excited to greet him 😉

  • I’d love it in black…no man at the moment but like Bryce I like to wear lingerie just for me, to look in the mirror and think…”I still got it”. I Don’t need a man to make myself feel confident, just a sexy number to remind myself every now and then.

  • I’m loving the plum (purple is my favorite color)…as for scandalous location, I’m thinking of wearing it under my clothes and making the most of an elevator ride, preferably one with mirrors

    thanks xx

    DolphinV27 AT aol DOT com


  • I’l love it in plum/black. My boyfriend and I met because of Spain so we’re planning a trip there for our anniversary. I’m hoping that he’ll be sight-seeing me in this little number.

  • I would love RED – it’s sexy, exotic, and men can’t keep their hands off of us when we wear the color. I’m going on a week long trip to Barcelona and Madrid with my man next week. I’d love to have that on hand for our trip – who know..perhaps we’ll have a romp in Park Guell or the mile-high club on the airplane!

  • I would love to surprise my Husband at his office in the cream and black bodysuit. One night when is working late & alone in the office…we could do it in the conference room!

  • plum and black. my boyfriend is a carpenter, and he’s redoing our kitchen. to see him working so hard with his tool belt on, turns me on. so as he was getting started, i’d walk in wearing that, and give him a night off of working on the kitchen, and i’d do the hard work for a night.

  • first, i love the black/pewter. after work, my honey and i both come home and throw ourselves into hangin’ with our little man, the coolest 2-year-old we know. but after we put the youngster to bed, we take the time to focus on each other. strutting out of the bathroom and surprising “Daddy” with this sexy little number plus some seamed thigh-highs and heels would not only make his eyes pop out of his head, but would make me feel fab and sexy, ready to break it in on the balcony or banister. Then wear it out under a dress, getting hot & bothered knowing he’s going crazy at what lies beneath.

  • Cream/black would look fabulous on me, lying in his bed waiting for him to come home from his (or her) girlfriend’s house. Trashy, you say? Well maybe the girlfriend should wear cuter lingerie.

  • Plum/black. I’d wear it to Thanksgiving dinner with the in-laws, flashing him a quick glimpse before the turkey is carved – he’ll definitely be giving thanks later.

  • Don’t know if it’s too late to post but I’d sure like to wear it in bronze (to accentuate my tan and whatnot) and gosh, I’d let him have me outside in the hood of his car, wearing that and stilettos and a coat; but I’d like to surprise my babe by letting him run his hands up my thigh first; i’ll be wearing this to his family’s house, so as soon as he gets me in the car he won’t be able to take his hands off me, ’til finally we pull over and get it on outside (we might not even make it out of his sister’s driveway)

  • I would definitely love the Brulee Boudoir Bodysuit in Pewter with Black and I’d wear it on a rooftop setting or balcony at daytime hours with some killer pumps.

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