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7 Scarf Tying Trends for Hair

scarf tying trend
Written by Allison

Scarf tying 101

Recently, I fell off the eBay deep end and bid with abandon on vintage silk scarves. I couldn’t help myself! I saw that scarf tying had become a thing again and I needed to add it to my wardrobe. Or, hair-drobe, rather. I’ve been playing around with scarf tying and have found seven easy and cute ways to wear the look (and yes, these techniques look gorgeous on S-wave hair and home balayage hair, too).

Scarf tying seven ways

You should note that every one of these styles start with rolling a square scarf into a tube, long ways. That is, you want two pointy ends of the scarf to work with instead of blunt, flat ends. Here goes!

The Classic Headband

scarf tying trend

This style is as easy as it gets. Simply roll up your scarf, tie it so it fits nicely on your head, and hide the knot under your hair. This gives a thicker, kind of ’70s vibe and I don’t hate it! It’s perfect for greasy hair days.

The bunny ear headband

scarf tying trend

A much cuter version is the bunny ear headband. The only difference is spinning that headband around and wearing the knot on top. The tails of the scarf look like lil’ bunny ears! I prefer to wear this style with my hair parted and the knot matched up.

The bunny ear bun

scarf tying trend

This style also works well when you need to get all of your hair up and out of the way. Pop your hair into a bun, and keep the flyaways at bay with your scarf tying headband.

Scarf-wrapped bun

scarf tying trend


scarf tying trend

This style is a great way of dressing up a plain ol’ bun. With your bun gathered in place on top of your head (ballerina style) wrap the scarf all the way around twice, and knot in place. This keeps the tails from being too long, and will totally cover the base of your bun.

The ’50s ponytail

scarf tying trend scarf tying trend

Get ready for the sock hop with this classic scarf tying technique. With your hair gathered into a high ponytail, wrap the scarf around the hair tie. Knot the scarf and leave the ends hanging down to chill out with your cute ponytail.

The half-up pony

scarf tying trend

Half up hair can get a bad wrap for it’s lack of excitement. But, wrap a scarf around that hair tie and you’ve got a style!

The romantic messy bun

scarf tying trend scarf tying trend

This style looks much more difficult than it actually is. All you need to do is gather your hair into a messy bun at the nape of your neck. Then, take your scarf, wrap it around the back of the bun, and tie it into a bow. It looks like a very stylish, time intensive look but it only takes two minutes.

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