How to Keep Your Hair Straight in the Rain

how to keep your hair straight in the rain
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How to Keep your Hair Straight in the Rain

When you’ve taken the effort to straighten your hair, there’s nothing worse than a sudden rainstorm. The humidity alone can make anyones hair poof out! So, how to keep your hair straight in the rain? It’s all about the products and protection — but you definitely don’t want to overdo it so much so that you end up with crunchy hair.

For naturally straight hair

how to keep your hair straight in the rain

I know, it’s not like someone with naturally straight hair needs to read this article. As someone with mostly straight hair, I can say that getting caught in the rain really just makes my hair knotty. A little detangler, a wide toothed comb, I’m good to go.

Avoid rain

how to keep hair straight in the rain

Key point number two: most hair wants to revert back to it’s natural state when it gets wet. Therefore, the best way of how to keep your hair straight in the rain is to avoid rain. Obviously, this isn’t always possible. We suggest a bubble umbrella (much more hair-protecting than the standard). You can go old-school with a scarf covering your hair, or full grandma style with a plastic hair bonnet. There’s a reason why they wear it, y’all. And definitely study our list of scarf tying trends for hair.

Keratin treatment

A keratin treatment will give you straight hair every day, regardless of the rain. If your aim is to keep your hair looking perfect and straight pretty much at all times, a keratin treatment may be for you. Keep in mind though, you still don’t want to douse your hair with rain. But, a keratin treatment plus a bubble umbrella could be enough to keep your hair straight in the rain.

Start with a set

how to keep your hair straight in the rain

For those of us on the GHD train, you need to do the full routine on rainy days. No quickly straightening your hair and running out the door. You need to allow your hair to cool completely so the style sets. This makes your hair more likely to stay straight. Finish off with an anti-humidity hairspray and you can conquer the world.

Tie your hair up

how to keep hair straight in the rain

So maybe let’s accept that if it’s pouring rain that your hair may not stay pin straight. Every day isn’t going to be a perfect hair day, and that’s okay. When it’s chucking it down with rain, and you need to go outside, pop your hair up. Combined with a good umbrella and a little bit of luck, you can have smooth, voluminous hair at your destination. Use an invisibobble to prevent weird kinks in your hair and slap it up in a top knot.

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