Sexy & Demure Wins the Foreplay Race

Written by Ashley

Anticipation Building Lingerie

Yes, dressing up in nothing but boobie tassles and a cork may be a turn-on to some dudes… but lets be real here. Don’t they always want what they can’t have… or what they can’t see?

We’re loving these rompers from Brulee. A comfortable solution to a night in with the man, lounging and romping, as an alternative to your University of Michigan oversized tee from 2001. A perfect solution for a sexual night in to cook dinner for our man without worrying about the dreaded stove to nip slip. Once someone chars a left breast, rest-assured, all lust is lost. These silky singlets have the texture for an enjoyable foreplay sesh to build up the ultimate disrobing anticipation. So here’s to what comes after the disrobing, ladies.


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