Store Only Sells Furniture Previously Owned by Gay Men

previously owned by a gay man furniture
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Previously owned by a gay man furniture.

Furniture previously owned by gay men is obviously more stylish than regular furniture.

previously owned by a gay man furniture

Say what you will about gay men, but most of us know how to decorate. I hate to generalize an entire group of people like that (or do I?), but as I look around my impeccably decorated 16th floor bedroom, I can’t help but feel like the proof is in the pudding. One website has decided to capitalize on this phenomenon, and has created a website that only sells furniture previously owned by gay men. Their mission statement is as follows:

“Influencers. Trendsetters. Tastemakers. The discerning gay men behind this site’s inspiration are style arbiters in their own right. Their homes and closets overflow with the latest gadgets, enviable fashions and one-of-a-kind furnishings. When they decide to part with their prized home decor for one reason or another (offloading a pied-à-terre, anyone?), we’re there to pick up the surplus and bring it to you.”

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Apparently the entire idea started with one gay man named Douglas who collected so many pieces of castoff furniture over the years that it eventually took on a life of it’s own. I mean, c’mon, furniture owned by gay men just sounds lucky, right?

Tony Spiller, a New York-based gay guy with a super stylish second home on Fire Island weighed in on the homo-happy trend. “I get asked all the time who decorated my house, and have even been offered design jobs because apparently I’m good at it. Is it because I’m gay? Probably.”

So, are we good at decorating and design because we are gay, or are we gay because we are good at decorating and design? That is probably a question for another time. I will say though, that is one idea I wish I had thought of first.

previously owned by a gay man furniture

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