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sugar daddy university
Written by Gary

Sugar Daddy University is a school that teaches etiquette to both sugar-babies, and sugar daddies.

sugar daddy university

Sugar Daddy University, located in New York, is the brain-child of well-known sugar daddy Alan Shneider. The school teaches women how to become professional sugar babies, and men how to keep their dignity while basically paying for 24/7 high-class hookers. Shneider also owns the dating site, and even hired his own sugar babies to act as professors.

Apparently, the five key elements to a good transactional relationship are- sexuality, understanding, generosity, attraction, and reciprocity. Shneider says that most of his students end up getting married as a result of their relationships, and that there is nothing wrong with a sugar daddy relationship because he believes the real problem lies with the social stigma.

I believe the real problem lies with the parents of these women, who clearly didn’t teach them to stand on their own two feet and provide for themselves.

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Speaking as someone who has been a sugar baby once, long ago, I can safely say that relationships of convenience are never satisfying. You never appreciate things that are just handed to you, and being a sugar baby is basically like being a hooker, except you don’t get to keep your money when all is said and done.


sugar daddy university

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