It’s a Thing: The Lego Strip Club

The unofficial Lego strip club is now available for purchase.

lego strip club

Regardless of how you feel about actual strippers, you must admit it’s hard not to love tiny little Lego strippers, sliding up and down a plastic pole just trying to make a few bucks to feed their Lego heroin habit or pay their way through Lego beauty school. I only say the word Lego so many times because I think its awesome that while Lego doesn’t technically endorse the unofficial creations of Citizen Brick, they don’t fight it too hard either.

Joe Trupia, the owner of Citizen Brick has sold a few hundred of the “Foxy Blox” strip club sets, after rising to Internet stardom for creating a customized Breaking Bad set last year. His goal is to do all the things that Lego wouldn’t actually do, so I say bravo to him.

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So if your boyfriend is especially passionate about the Lego movie or children’s toys, maybe this Lego strip club is the perfect gift for him this Christmas.

lego strip club


lego strip club


lego strip club

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