There’s a New Chocolate in Town

Written by Kela

I just discovered a delectable treat that’s sure to retire those old heart filled box of chocolates thats many of us get and gift for Valentines day.  They’re called Landrin Waferattos!! Believe me when I tell you that they are confectionery excellence. I’m not a big fan of chocolate, yet I couldn’t stop at just one. In fact, when I placed them on my desk to share with staff, even they were begging for more – a sure sign of a hit.

These little bites of bliss are available in two flavors: Waferatto Gold and Waferatto Classic. The Gold is a chocolaty hazelnut and whole almond filling, embraced by a delicate wafer, topped off with crushed hazelnuts.  Mixing things up a bit, the Classic consist of a creamy blend of coconut cream and white chocolate, covering an almond center in a crisp wafer, finished with coconut flakes. When compared to those other mini chocolate delights (the ones with an ‘R’ name) many claimed the Landrin pick as the preferred treat.  If the two flavors aren’t enough for you, there are more to come like a caramel version and a milk almond one as well. In the meantime,  the now available Gold and Classic versions are perfect in every way. Heck, even the packaging is exquisite; the box opens up into a stylish blossoming flower.  How sweet.

Check out to find out where you can get your hands on these delightful treats.

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