Gents: Need a Hot Date for V-Day? Has Your Girl!

Written by Lana

For those gentlemen in panic-mode over not having a special someone for Valentine’s Day, perhaps you should check out’s 24-hour online speed date marathon with 25 year-old NYC resident Sarah Clark and Francesca Salcido from San Fran!

Sarah Clark, 25 years old

Sarah Clark

Francesca Salcido

Francesca Salcido

Sarah and Francesca will forego 24 hours of sleep to embark on a marathon speed dating session beginning at 3 AM on Friday morning (in just eight hours!) on, during which they will go on as many 3-minute dates via internet video chat or instant messanging. While embarking on their search for a V-Day lover, they will also be competing with each other to be the girl with the most dates at the end of the 24 hour session!
Sign up at to chat Sarah up or make conversational love with Francesca – both are looking for love on the East Coast. And it’s free!
Happy dating!

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