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Things to do on a rainy day

Its raining outside. I don’t really want to get my shoes all muddy and gross. Since I have the afternoon off, here are things I plan to do.

1) At-home manicure

I filed my nails down and then washed my hands with Kiehl’s Epidermal Re-Texturizing Micro-Dermabrasion. Yes, I know what you’re thinking. Its a microdermabrasion for the face! I like to use this one on my hands b/c the beads are small enough to really slough off all the grime and dead skin cells that have been building up since my last manicure at Dashing Diva 2 1/2 weeks ago. My hands were instantly revived.

I put a base coat of Nail Tek to strengthen my nails. I have brittle nails when it grows long so I keep my nails  short and use Nail Tek as a base coat and a top coat.

I decided to go for a deep red wine color so I put on two coats of duri cosmetics’ Formula for success. My nails look fall-ready. duri cosmetics has an affordable line of nail colors. Each polish is only $5!

Result: My nails are super shiny and look like I spent the afternoon at the nail salon.

2) Order Takeout.

Seamlessweb is my friend. If you have no cash in your wallet and want to order take out without having to go to the nearest ATM on a rainy day. You can order from Seamlessweb, pay by credit card and put tip on there as well!

3) Warm shower polish

I plan on taking a nice warm shower and scrub myself with Bliss’ hot salt scrub. I’m a sucker for all bath products, candles, shampoos, etc. with eucalyptus in it.

4) Sit on my couch and put my feet in my foot massager

I received Osim’s USqueez foot and calf massager last year as a birthday/christmas gift from my dear boyfriend (hi honey!) and have been using this almost everyday. It is the best gift ever for my overworked feet and calves.

5) Catch up on my reading

I’ve been reading a cute chic-lit book by Lauren Weisberger (same author that wrote The devil wears prada). Chasing Harry Winston is proving to be quite the Sex and the City-esque read. I found a section in there where the character Leigh meets another global nomad and got really excited that I blogged about it on my blog about my latest arts project

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a global nomad who grew up in cities around the world. A dancer/choreographer/dance educator/make up artist/and part time videographer, her days are spent running around the crosstown, uptown, downtown, Brooklyn and everything in between. She spends her free time watching dance/music/theater performances in the city as well as traveling, dining, shopping (recovering shop-a-holic), spending time with the boyfriend, massages, and applying make up on brides-to-be. A perfect date in NYC involves watching a dance performance at the Joyce Theater, dinner/drinks/dessert at Basta Pasta, and a leisurely stroll through Gramercy Park. For more information about Alaine please visit


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