Three Examples of Real Life Monsters-In-Law

monster in law
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If you ask me this in public I will never admit it, but I actually like the movie Monster-In-Law despite the fact that it involves Jennifer Lopez in an acting role. The idea of a monster-in-law began way before Jenny left the block however, and has deep-seated roots in history. Most of the married women I know can’t stand their mother-in-laws, and vice versa.

monster in law

The reason for this, is that mothers never think any woman is good enough for their sons, and wives don’t really want to share their husbands with anyone, let alone think that any woman is more important in his life. Thus, the rift between mothers-in-law and their adopted daughters goes way back to the first days of marriage. When it comes to mothers-in-law behaving badly however, these ladies take the cake. Here are three real examples of the worst mothers-in-law ever!

Mother-in-law tries to have her daughter killed. In Florida (of course), a 70-year-old grandmother hired a hit man to kill her daughter-in-law. Diana Reaves Costarakis tried to hire an undercover agent as a hit man and told him repeatedly that if he didn’t kill her son’s wife, she would do it herself. Costarakis offered to pay $5,000 and was charged with criminal solicitation for conspiring with an officer at a Home Depot. She paid the officer $1,500 cash, and said he could take the jewelry off the woman’s dead body for the rest of the bounty.

Mother-in-Law enslaves her sons’ wives for 13 years. In England, Naseebah Bibi allegedly ruled her the households of her sons, regularly beating their wives and enslaving them for 13 years. The 63 year old monster-in-law denied the wives access to the outside world, and made them work on sewing machines, all day every day. The nightmare finally ended when one of the children (that were cared for by the mother-in-law) came forward and spilled the tea about the abuse.

Mother-in-law steals her dead daughter’s husband. Two years after the death of her daughter, Felistus Gopoza broke the most ultimate rule of girl-world, and swooped in and married her son-in-law. Gopoza only waited 2 months after her daughter’s death to movie in, and ultimately convinced him to wife her up. Not long after, the husband died, leaving the mother-in-law-wife alone, and barred from the funeral. What goes around comes around, I guess.

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