Trolling Troll Is Trolling

Written by Steph

Boycott American women, win big.

This dude proposes Americans band together and boycott the most evil doing-est of the evil doers: women. American women, namely– we’ve gotten too big for our britches and the time has come to CALL US OUT. We are MAD GREEDY and DEVIOUS, y’all.

According to the aptly titled Boycott American Women site (hosted on blogspot…) (LOL, way to take yourself seriously), American women most likely:

  • will cheat on you
  • will divorce you
  • will get fat
  • will steal half of your money in the divorce courts
  • don’t know how to cook or clean
  • don’t want to have children

And et cetera! You don’t even wanna know about that et cetera.*

So because American women are intolerable, have opinions, and got the promotion instead of Mr. GODDERNIT I’VE BEEN WITH THIS GODDERN COMPANY FOR FOUR DECADES AND SOME LADYSKIRT GOT THE GODDERN PROMOTION WTF (THEY TOOK OUR JOBS!), American men should just be like, “Peace American bitches,” and only date foreign women. Because there is an untapped reservoir of hot, desperate foreign women in this country– at least three for every man, I heard.

I know I shouldn’t feed the troll, but it’s the holiday season and he seems so hungry?

*American women also more likely to find your shitty blog on the internet and wonder aloud why you feature posts from different characters like “Frank, an American soldier in Afghanistan” or “Mark, from the U.S.A.” when every lackluster diatribe on your site is achingly more disingenuous and mundane than the last, due in part to the fact that each post is composed by the same person (i.e, YOU). Man up and quit trolling your own site as you embark upon your misguided tour of misogyny.

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