Would You Share Your Boyfriend With Your Twin?

twins share boyfriend
Written by Gary

They say that twins share everything, and I guess it’s true. Mary Kate and Ashley share a love of oversized fur coats and eating disorders. Tia and Tamera probably share the same weavologist. So I guess it should come as no surprise that Australian twins Anna and Lucy DeCinque share everything, from their plastic surgeon to their boyfriend.

twins share boyfriend
The twins have spent over $200,000 on plastic surgeries to look identical, hold down the same job, and even sleep in the same bed in a house they share with their mother.

Their reasoning behind sharing a man? They have the same interests so it makes sense that they would like the same men. Speaking as someone who has a gay brother, sometimes we like the same man but that doesn’t mean we should both have sex with him.

I guess its every man’s dream to have sex with a pair of twins (including my own) but these two look more like random blow-up dolls than every man’s fantasy, so I guess I will have to pass.

Also, I don’t even like one vagina, let alone a pair of them.

twins share boyfriend

twins share boyfriend

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