U + Me = Sex, and other sex stats

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I’ve read my fair share of ‘scientific’ sex studies conducted by parties with a vested interest in that study’s results – a study celebrating internet dating sponsored by an online dating service; a condom usage study supported by Trojan, you name it. But a sex study conducted by College Humor, who has no ulterior motive other than being hilarious, is something I can get behind.

College Humor interviewed over 50K men and women on their sex and hygiene habits to provide some answers about the age old question, “Who’s having sex?” (Among other questions like, who gets off to anime?)

Math majors, it seems. 68% of math majors admit to having a one night stand. (Conversely, 66% of computer science majors have never had a one night stand). But the study doesn’t just compare the “nerdy” majors – math students also take little to no issue with premarital sex, while education majors are prone to the Catholic Guilt we all know and hate. Math majors are also more likely to masturbate to anime than anyone else so, in short, bang a numbers dude if you’re looking for a freak-a-leek.

Other fun revelations:

42% of people surveyed believe it’s not okay to pee in the shower (who knew?)

Only 10% of 15-18 year olds don’t use protection, compared to 40% of 31+ year olds who abstain from rubber. Sex education for the win.

Only 4% of American adults are virgins

Finally, 78% of women lie about having an anime fetish, while 48% of men are likely to lie about spanking it to Sailor Moon. Cool?

[Image and stats via College Humor]

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