How to Grow Potato Roots Out of Your Vagina

potato root vagina
Written by Gary

A Colombian woman grew potato roots out of her vagina, because she was told it was an effective form of birth control.

potato root vagina

It always boggles my mind when bat-shit crazy stuff happens anywhere outside of Asia.

A 22-year old Colombian woman got some really bad advice from her mom when she was told that a potato in the vagina would prevent pregnancy. I don’t know if this is a result of some crazy Colombian brujeria dark magic, or a mother wanting to get back at her daughter for being a skank ho, but everything about this reads as shady.

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The potato method actually kind of worked since the girl did not get pregnant, but what she did do was leave the potato in her vagina for two weeks. Complaining of abdominal pain (surprise sur-fucking-prise) she was taken to the hospital where nurses found that there were roots growing out of her vagina. Because guess what? Leaving a potato ANYWHERE dark and damp encourages it to grow.

The medical staff were able to remove the potato without surgery, but let this be a lesson to all young girls out there: Your parents are not always good sources of information when it comes to sex questions. A better option is to consult The Internet, like a regular person.

Of course, this is assuming they even have The Internet in Colombia. #IgnorantAmerican

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