Valentines Gift Guide: What To Get Your Favorite Divorcee

alimony pony divorce gift
Written by Gary

alimony pony divorce gift

Celebrate women’s freedom with an Alimony Pony pillow! Perfect for long wine-drenched girlfriend talks on the sofa.

As we all know, Valentines day isn’t just for couples. It is also for the optimistically single, the newly dating, and of course, the newly divorced. Valentines day is a great day to celebrate the fact that you are no longer tied down, and might actually be able to go out into the world and find a guy that doesn’t bore you to tears, burn off your epidermis with his morning breath, and sleep-rape you occasionally. Do you have a newly divorced friend in your life? Are you worried she will throw herself a pity party on the holy day of love? If so, I would rethink getting her chocolates, since she is newly single, just got rid of a bunch of baggage, and doesn’t need any extra pounds to weigh her down. I have scoured the internet for the perfect gifts for your favorite divorcee, proving that no matter what your relationship status, V-day can still be a joyous holiday.

divorce knife set gift

Let him keep the knives. You can pick up some better ones online, like The Ex- 5-piece knife set by Raffaele Iannello

divorce giftA “Love is grand. Divorce is a hundred grand.” necklace to wear close to your/her heart.

boyfriend pillow

We’ve covered the Boyfriend Pillow before, but its still a great way to remind any divorcee that at least this guy doesn’t fart in his sleep. Get one here.

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