Vampires And Chanel Don’t Go Together

Written by corey

Today in things that I really don’t understand: Kristen Stewart will be fronting the Chanel pre-fall campaign. I always felt that I could predict any move Chanel would make — from their Chanel No.5 Marilyn campaign to letting Kate Moss walk in the show. Chanel also just hosted a drive-through in Dallas, Texas which seems kind of amazing but they did it right during the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, which is kind of rude. I mean…other things are happening in the world Karl.

WWD reports that the campaign will come out next Monday. I just can’t. I’m so over Kristen Stewart. Ever since she cheated on Robby Pat and then just expected everyone to feel bad for her. As Nene Leakes once said, “close your legs to married men.” Ain’t that the truth. You don’t want a wife calling you in the middle of the night and asking you to come outside.

Past faces of Chanel include Diane Krueger, Keira Knightley and other amazing women. Kristen is just not in their league and she needs to stay in her damn lane. Chanel is classic and timeless. Kristen is tired and expired. As you can see, these two do not go together.


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  • Poor choice Chanel! Her face is always expressionless. I can’t believe she’s been successful in landing high profile movie roles…and now Chanel!

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