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Van Gogh’s Paintings Become A Fully Painted Movie

van gogh movie
Written by Gary

Van Gogh painted documentary.

The new documentary will animate more than 120 of Van Gogh’s paintings to create a full-length movie.

van gogh movie

Van Gogh is certainly having a moment right now, isn’t he? First Airbnb re-creates his bedroom to make a quick buck, and now there is a full-length documentary coming out on him, made completely with animated oil paintings. But then again, when in recent decades has Van Gogh not had a moment? The ear stuff is perennially good.

The biopic is called Loving Vincent and is currently underway, even if it does sound sort of like a romantic comedy centered around mafia life. The film will be created using the swirly art style of Van Gogh’s most famous paintings, effectively the first movie of its kind.

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Directed by Polish painter, Dorota Kobiela, and filmmaker, Hugh Welchman, the movie will feature over 120 of Van Gogh’s most iconic pieces. The plot was taken from over 800 letters personally written by the artist, and will be a recreation of the events leading to his death.

It totally sucks that artists only ever really get super famous after they die, but there really is no better way to immortalize an artist than by creating a movie made of his or her art. Translation: I will totally be watching this movie.

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