Walk this Way, Have More Orgasms?

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Cavewomen tilted their ever so suggestively back in the day, and evolution hasn’t stopped the sexy strut since. But can the way we walk actually reveal something about a women’s history – in bed?

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A sexy strut is a powerful attraction tool. I imagine it starting sometime around cavewomen tilting Cro-Magnon hip flexors ¬†ever so suggestively, and evolution hasn’t stopped it yet. But can the way we walk actually reveal something about a women’s history – in bed?

That’s what this recent study published in the Journal of Sexualized Medicine is reporting. According to their research, a more fluid gait is linked to a higher frequency of orgasms during sex.

YourTango sums up the study’s method, which involved a questionnaire on female participants’ sexual satisfaction and a separate set of researchers who were positioned at a distance to observe the women walking in public. Women who appeared to have more locked postures while walking were the ones who had reported feeling sexually strained in the questionnaire. Not that this is anything groundbreaking, but the study also linked sassier struts with higher self-esteem in women. Which brings this back to a chicken and egg-style question: Which comes first?

Since the study seems to have slacked off on determining any causes of these “fluid, energetic”, “free” walks, we’ll just have to accept that a confident strut miraculously signals, well,¬†confidence in a person, and not an Olympic gold medal in orgasms. Still, it couldn’t hurt to conduct your own mini-research project to see how your sexy walk works on the street and in the sheets. Walk it out, but for the love of multiple O’s, stretch first, people.

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