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We Tried Haute Polish DIY Gel Manicures

Written by Bryce

I’ve been a huge fan of gel manicures for a couple years now at least. In fact, I’m pretty sure the girls over at CND might tell you I’ve been a junky for their Shellac manicures with a coat of Zillionaire glitter (seriously, ever color looks good beneath this). But, as I popped out baby #2 right before Hurricane Sandy, I found myself with crummy nails, no sleep, no time, and no nail salon with electricity. So I gave Haute Polish’s at home gel kit a whirl. For $79 you get the UV light, a bunch of remover pads and finishing pads (just like the salon), a bottle of gel polish in a jazzy bright red, and easy-peasy instructions. Once you have the starter kit, you can purchase colors individually and on a whim- no big deal. Considering the entire starter kit costs about the same as only 2 salon-made gel manicures, you’ll be looking at cash in your pocket by the third or fourth round of DIY nails.

The verdict: it was easy as heck to apply, took only about 10 minutes for the entire manicure from start to finish, and really has lasted without chipping or peeling for several days. It’s a good alternative to salon-made gel manicures if you’re short on time, cash, or gas in your car to get to the salon (or any combo, really). The only downside is that the colors are relatively limited and there don’t seem to be any super jazzy top coats to try (but I hear they’re coming).

Haute Polish people, holler at me when you have glitter… I’ll be hooked forever.

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