Weird Things Gay Couples Do

This video highlights all the funny things gay couples do when nobody else is around.

I have been in enough gay relationships to know that sometimes they are kind of strange. Once you get past the awesomeness of doubling your wardrobe, living with someone who wants sex as much as you do, and Instagramming couples photos of you picking apple in the fall just to make all your old club-friends jealous, you realize that there is a lot more to a gay relationship than meets the eye.

You also have to deal with wandering eyes, keeping your own identities so you don’t end up looking and acting like twins, and how to come up with cutesy names for your dog, since you definitely aren’t ready for kids yet. This video pretty much sums up all the ways a gay relationship is strange. Above all though, the couple in it is so damn cute it could melt even the darkest, most jaded heart on all of Grindr.

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