Who’s Your Grandaddy?

Written by Emily

You can love your Grandpa, you just can’t LOVEEEE your Grandpa.

Well, this just makes Woody Allen look like a normal guy that married his adopted daughter. In an insane move by a celeb, Morgan Freeman, 72, reportedly wants to wed his granddaughter (BARF!) E’Dena Hines, 27. In the article, it states that “she is the granddaughter of Morgan’s first wife – whom he and his estranged second wife Myrna raised since she was a young child.” They allegedly started their affair 10 years ago when E’Dena was just 17 (DOUBLE BARF!).  In an article first reported by the National Enquirer (yea, I know), has been picking up steam as his marriage to Myrna is ending.  All I know is that this gives me the barfs.

Photo by: splash news online

Photo by: splash news online

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