Why So Sad Miley Cyrus?

Written by corey

Miley Cyrus — the gift that keeps on giving. Miley is a self-proclaimed feminist and an apparent Beyonce shit-talker, but today she’s the star of Marc Jacob’s Spring/Summer 2014 campaign. Miley and Marc have been working together since the singer was 16 years-old and has since brought her sub-par fashion game onto a whole new level.


But why so serious?

I’m so used to you jamming out and looking like you’re having the time of your life. You give on fucks. You’ve inspired millions of girls to give no fucks. Why are you giving fucks, right now?

I will admit. Your pout is giving me so much life.

The campaign was shot by David Sims. Jeurgen Teller, who usually does the lens for Marc Jacobs, did not want to shoot the pop-star and refused to take part in this awkward, stranded on the beach ad campaign.


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