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Written by Corinne

They say your eyes are the window to your soul..all the more reason to make sure they are beautiful, bright, and bagless! Elizabeth Grant Eye Pads are here to help. Celeb fans of the Elizabeth Grant Eye Pad Collection include Blake Lively, Jessica Szhor, and the entire Gossip Girl cast – just to name a few! A popular fave are the Biocollasis Complex Advanced Cellular Age Defense Eye POWER Pads, and now you have the chance to win a pair! These pads help to smooth out the appearance of lines and wrinkles around the eye area, reduce the look of puffiness and make dark circles appear lighter.

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What are you waiting for? Enter and be on your way to brighter, beautiful eyes like Jessica Szohr’s!

FOR OFFICIAL ENTRY: [Contest ends April 29, 2010 – Open to US Residents Only]

  • Comment here what you think about the cheating rumors surrounding Gossip Girl star & Elizabeth Grant fan Jessica Szohr! Do YOU think she’s guilty of cheating on Ed Westwick?
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Best 25 comments will win a pair of Elizabeth Grant’s Biocallasis Eye Power Pads!

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  • I wouldn’t be surprised if she was cheating on him! Who can blame her? She’s hot, young, and wealthy-I’d do the same thing! (& I follow both you and EGskincare on twitter @jules792000)

  • You can never believe rumors that float around Hollywood and in the tabloids. That doesn’t mean SOME aren’t true, but you just never know! But in my opinion, if she is cheating, that’s only the business of her and the other parties involved.
    I’ve retweeted this contest, and am following both @LuxurySpot and @EgSkincare, as @Mo_Mo1983

  • We’ll never know for sure. In the meantime, the drama and scandal is fun to follow…so I’ll go with YES!
    (I am following you as his_enana)

  • I have a feeling she’s not cheating, but, I don’t know her personally. I’m thinking any publicity, good or bad, is a plus for a celebrity! I tend to think the best about people…..then I’m usually shocked when bad rumors are true. I’d hate it if someone believed a lie about me.
    I follow you both on Twitter too. ( @dragonfly777 )


  • I don’t know if I care who cheated as long as your not talking about me or my husband, but I sure would love to try the eye pads!

  • Cheat on Chuck? How could she? Ed can use the low Chuck Bassness voice or his English accent and that should make any girl want to stay. I know it would make me. And he is in a band. Hmm maybe I do want her to cheat so he will be free for others to try 🙂

  • It seems as though that is all we ever hear of anymore these days…so it wouldn’t surprise me. I really think that it is a way of life these days that people can’t control themselves and don’t understand what it means to be in a committed relationship. I think that people think they can get away with it, especially celebrities…they are good looking, have money, lots of fun things to do and met so many other people all the time. I wish it wasn’t true but I bet the rumors are true.

    I follow both @LuxurySpot and @EgSkincare on twitter via @Luv_MyDachshund 😀

    Thanks at a chance at trying out these incredible eye pads!!

  • Too much gossip. Why do we care about these people. I just don’t understand. We’ve got lines & wrinkles to worry about!

  • Duh! She’s a GOSSIP GIRL. What better way to get into role than start a little gossip yourself? She may not have intended to cheat… but didn’t mind making it seem that way. Sneaky, sneaky.

  • Rumors?! I think the same thing that I do about any rumors…. it’s not my business!!! I’ve got more important things to deal with like keeping my eyes and skin looking fresh! Would lovvve to try these EG Eye Pads, I’m a huge fan of her other products!! 🙂

    …and yes, I follow, happy Thursday!

  • Well it sounds like she’s guilty a few times…. not that I care but I do care about those fine lines around my eyes… 🙁

  • It’s none of my business what they do in their spare time. If she cheated on Ed Westwick I imagine it’s with someone who would have to be hotter or less of an arrogant fop!

  • OMG. this is EXACTLY what I need!!! a banker, unfortunately, which means pulling lots of all nighters and never quite sleeping. definitely could use the eye pads – they seem fantastic!!!!! 🙂

  • I wouldn’t be surprised if she was actually cheating. If I didn’t know better, at one point or another everyone on Gossip Girl is guilty of doing something “naughty”…

    Besides, it wouldn’t be Gossip Girl if there was nothing juicy to report.. lol

    These Elizabeth Grant eye pads look awesome by the way!

  • She seems like a really sweet girl. Why would she need to cheat when she can have anyone she wants! Give her the benefit of the doubt until proven guilty!

    The Elizabeth Grant eye pads look great and woud be wonderful to use; especially after a long night out!

  • If she cheated it’s because she’s young and having fun. They aren’t married I think that’s a huge difference when people cheat. He’s hot either way though.

    Following everyone on twitter.

  • Well, where there smoke , there’s fire. So she might not be exactly cheating, but there is something going on. However, they are not married, so she can do as she please.

  • Is she cheating or not? I don’t know…I need to open up my eyes and take another look to be sure. The eye pads will help me in this respect.

  • She’s been begging lookalike boyfriend Ed to take her back, but he can’t believe that she carried on this way with one of his friends. And anyone who would seriously consider messing around with a guy named Marco Minuto deserves the boot. Is his name any indication of his . . . ummmm . . .prowess?


  • i think i would still like to see Vanessa and Chuck to hook up on Gossip Girl. As far as their real life affairs, I just hope she did not go for actor who plays Dan 🙂 Blake Lively would be furious 😉

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