Win It: The Secret to Luscious Summer Locks from Living Proof

Written by Ashley

Solid Hair Care… for Big Hair. Enter to win Living Proof’s No Frizz Styling Cream!


We all love a good summer fling, but with a frizz-tastic mop of hair? Many of us don’t stand a chance at attracting ANYTHING.  That’s where Living Proof comes in. These guys are using SCIENCE (i guess you really CAN use it after 11th grade?!) to get their products in action, to actually work on problems that real ladies have with their locks. And we thank them for that.

So, you there, with the afro. Enter for a chance to win, IMO, their ULTIMATE styling cream that is the cure-all for split ends, wild curls and inconsistent wave bombs exploding throughout.

Why should you enter? Well, you’ll receive a basic case of wizardry in a bottle, This stuff:

  • Effectively blocks the two main causes of frizz – humidity and friction – with a newly developed PolyfluoroEster which was invented by Living Proof scientists
  • Resists humidity 30% more than leading silicones
  • Lightweight cream formula adds shine without residue
  • Improves performance with continued usage
  • One effective formula replaces traditional anti-frizz and styling product combinations
  • Frizz-free hair lasts for 16 hours
  • Repels dirt and oil 100% more than leading silicone products so you can go longer between shampoos

Living ProofStraight Making No Frizz Styling Cream [$24 at Sephora stores nationwide or online at Sephora.com]

So enter to win. I dare you.

FOR OFFICIAL ENTRY ( Contest Ends 5/28/10 Open to US Residents Only):

  • Comment below with what your ideal summer fling would be like. Shirtless gardener in Tuscany? That hot dude that is always smoking cigs outside of the pizza shop? We wanna know!
  • And make sure to tweet this contest out to better your chances.  @LuxurySpot and @LivingProof

Good luck, frizzles.

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  • I am following The Luxury Spot and Living Proof on twitter. I tweeted the contest. I am a fan of The Luxury Spot and Living Proof on facebook. I shared the contest w/ over 300 friends on fb. I am subscribed onto The Luxury Spot blogs. This hair product is just what i need. lol.

  • My ideal summer flings would have to be a foreigner. I’m thinking a Spaniard, Italian or Frenchmen. Some good dirty sex, most nights, into the morning…

  • Meeting up with the guy I have been having an email fling with for the last two months. If he is half as good as his emails, I will be smiling for months 🙂

    tweeted @Samantha3050

  • Great question! I’ve never been asked this one! It probably would be a guy from my past, whom I rejected. What was I thinking?! He was so handsome…..and nice! There’s always one man we don’t forget…lol 🙂

    I’ll tweet too

  • ohhh….with a hot, foreign guy, preferably European, with a hot body and SEXY accent!!

    oh wait…I just described my boyfriend…heehee!!!!

  • Beach blond, Danish/German, surfer dude, bad boy with a heart of gold… Oh wait, I married him 20 years ago, but, I’d repeat that 4th of July anytime. Life is good!
    (So are the Living Proof hair products by the way. I love the shampoo and conditioner.)

  • Hmmm – I haven’t really given this much thought since I got married – but a previous summer fling fantasy was with a long haired guy that played guitar at a local hangout.

  • Well, they’re no prospects where I’m at , so , I’ll go with the shirtless guy in Tuscany. I mean, I’d really, really go for the shirtless guy in Tuscany.

  • My summer fling is with a charming, witty and slightly good Brit or Welsh or pretty much anything European. I have a weakness for the Dr Who/David Tennant ‘type’ and we’ll have zany adventures, bit of a snog and lots of laughter. I’m thinking I’d grab my passport and we’d go to Canada (tee hee always wanted to go), than his home country and than I’d take him to IA (my home state)

  • Well, if I don’t have this product to control my crazy hair, there will BE no flings in my future 😉

  • I dreamed of flings with my hubby before I married him. So I just extended the fling…for life! Going to the beach this weekend…..whatever happens at the beach, stays at the beach…anticipation…like waiting to win this too! Thanks for the chance. Happy Summer!

  • The prefect summer fling would be with a guy that likes to drink beer, lay at the pool all day, and have lots of cookouts! 🙂

  • vacation flings are the best, you can be someone else outside your regular life, and anything goes!!

  • I’d love to win! I’m imagining a hot fling on an isolated Greek beach with my Argentine guy I just married!

  • Mmmm, an Asian boy with DSLs and a penchant for bowties (with a splash of questionable sexuality) is my summer dreamboat.

    By the way, this stuff is so awesome! I just started using it last month and I freaking love it!

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