ManBearPig Lives (Sorta)

Written by Emily

Ironically, the South Park character ManBearPig lives in Canada.

I’ll admit it, I love South Park.  When I saw this “monster” that was posted on The Globe And Mail that was causing so much debate I suddenly was like “OMG duhhh. It’s ManBearPig obviously.”  Found in Ontario, speculations range from from it being related to the chupacabra or “goatsucker,” a creature that is also just as mystical.

According to the elders community who call themselves the Kitchenuhmaykoosib Inninuwug (insert a “Canadians are bizarre” joke here)  say “no one knows what it is but our ancestors used to call it the Ugly One. Rarely seen but when seen, it’s a bad omen. Something bad will happen according to our ancestors.”  Well if their ancestors say so!  Plus, their community has the word “Kitchen” in their name, so they have to know what’s up.

I’m posting the pictures below of the animal found in Canada and ManBearPig created by the genius known as Matt Stone and Trey Parker.




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