Do Women Carry DNA of Guys They Screw?

women sex and dna
Written by Gary

A new study finds that women carry DNA of their sexual partners for life.

women sex and dna

I used to keep a list of people that I had slept with. When the list reached around 75 people (guys and girls) I decided to scrap it all together. Basically, I can’t count that high, and don’t want to count that high when I am talking about people I have dicked around with. A new study finds that women don’t need to make lists anymore, because they carry the DNA of their sexual partners with them.

The study began when scientists were researching women with the Y-chromosome gene. They immediately thought that these women must have male sons, because women who have had male sons always carry cells from the pregnancy around with them forever, regardless of whether it was carried to term.

The next study was done by immunologists at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center in 2004, and found that out of the sample, 21% of women who had never had sons still had male DNA.

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The conclusion was that through fuckles alone, there is a potential for women to retain the DNA of their male partners in their blood stream for life.

So they say that some mistakes you make stay with you for life. You may have thought you moved on from that one-night-stand with a Williamsburg hipster that smelled like PBR and ironic fashion, but that doesn’t mean your bloodstream did.

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