Young Carrie Bradshaw Cast, Does Anyone Care?

Written by Karina

There was a time when a Sex and the City prequel would have been exciting. Like, seven years ago.

I honestly don’t mean to sound like a Capital B by saying this, but who still cares about Carrie Bradshaw?

Ten years ago, yes, Carrie and Co. were our steez. These dames gave us mountains of wisdom, and even packaged it up nicely into hour long episodes that required a special subscription to view. They were the first of their kind – women who were daring and outspoken, successful and sometimes even ruthless. They cared about each other. They had fights with one another. And except for a few “BIG” mistakes – and insufferable puns, sorry! –  they could do no wrong. Sex and the City was a good thing for women, unique to the time and a welcome change from so many half-dimensional female characters we were used to seeing portrayed on television.

So why. Do they keep messing. With a good thing?

The newest disaster/spin-off from the wildly popular series, lest you forget about the terrible second film, will be a prequel-style show, chronicling the gang’s early days as teens. While early reports circled around Miley Cyrus playing the part of Young Carrie, it was announced yesterday that this girl, actress AnnaSophia Robb, has won the role. CW, the home of other addictive if less intelligent fare, will be airing the new series for which a pilot is currently in production. No word yet on a young Samantha, Miranda, or Charlotte, but I’m expecting to not know any of them either. This AnnaSophia gal seems like a fine choice, judging by the above picture which shows off her natural ability to look up pensively from a desk.

Do you think the “new” young SATC will be successful? Will you watch it? Isn’t watching teens that you’re supposed to believe grow up to become Samantha Jones sort of creepy?

I just had to wonder.

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