Relationship Spotting: Snuggle Sutra Cards

Written by Gary

Snuggling is for p%ssies. I have always believed this, because the last thing I want in my bed is another big sweaty person hogging all the covers and melting the skin off my face in the morning with their morning breath. That being said, when I start to really like someone I turn into a p%ssy, so I have been snuggling no less than 3 times per week for the last month and a half. This makes me an expert on snuggling. So you know who else is an expert on the matter at hand?, who created these handy snuggle-sutra cards.

These cards would make a great bachelorette gift (because as we all know, soon after marriage all sex disintegrates and husband humping like Natalie Portman in Black Swan becomes the only means of satisfaction.) You can also give them to your boyfriend as a hint, but judging from your wet fanny I am assuming he hasn’t yet gotten the hint about putting the toilet seat down.

Regardless of what you do with them, study up if you are in any way attached. Snuggling is the second best way to gain intimacy with your lover.

Anal sex is the first.

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