“My Water Hasn’t Even Broken Yet – We Totally Have Time for Another Round…”

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“No Uterus — No Opinion!”

Via AlexMcCord.com

Via AlexMcCord.com

I’m always several years behind pop culture, but I’m happy to report I recently powered through Season Three of Mad Men via Netflix and am technically caught up until next season. And, season after season, I’ve totally been captivated by all the philandering and drinking and driving and drinking/smoking while preggers — that was just 20 years before I was born! And I was literally *just* talking to a friend about how strange it is that one day it was totally socially acceptable to light up before Junior was born and then one day — all of a sudden? — it was taboo.

Or…is it? Along comes Real Housewife of New York City Alex McCord who, according to The Frisky (via Gatecrasher), had no qualms about giving into pregnancy cravings, including booze…all of which is revealed in her new “unique” and “humorous” book, “Little Kids, Big City: Tales from a Real House in New York City (With Lessons on Life and Love for Your Own Concrete Jungle.” (Out today!)

Part of the reason I am so behind in popular culture is because I don’t have cable…but last fall I spent a day at Daffy’s with Alegra Torel – the fashion consultant that dresses McCord and her hubby – so, even though I technically haven’t seen the show, we have at least one tenuous connection.

But…I don’t have kids, so I sort of feel like Ross Gellar during the pregnant Rachel season of Friends when she chastised him, “No uterus — no opinion!” (except obviously I *have* one, I just haven’t had any buns in the oven yet…), but like the truly spineless person I am, I don’t feel it’s really appropriate to voice an opinion on McCord’s antics. Maybe she’s brave enough to say what pregnant women everywhere think…or maybe it’s a cheap publicity stunt. (Although I will say the description of her two kids, Johan and Francois, as “two wonderful and endlessly energetic and creative children,” sounds like serious spin…but, like I said, I’ve never seen the show and know nothing about little Johan or Francois…other than Mom lived it up while they were in utero.)

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