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10 Health Benefits of Gelatin

Written by andy

10 Health Benefits of Gelatin: It may sound icky, but it’s AMAZING for your health!

Gelatin is an ingredient that everyone eats with relish, but few people realize what it really is. Simply put, it’s ground-up cow bones, collagen, and cartilage. Not only is it loaded with amino acids, but it’s packed with all kinds of nutrients that make it amazing for your health. Definitely a food you need to add to your diet, and here’s why:

  1. Slows aging — Gelatin is in most anti-aging creams and serums simply because it does wonders for the health of your skin! It encourages the production of collagen, the nutrient that keeps your skin young and fresh.
  2. Keeps your skin healthy –– Thanks to the collagen in gelatin, you will keep your skin cells growing at a healthy rate. Gelatin will ensure that all of the tiny connective tissues beneath the surface of your skin stay firm and strong.
  3. Improve teeth, hair, and nail health — Hard to believe it, but it’s totally true! Gelatin is packed with minerals that many Westerners just don’t get enough of in their diets, such as calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium. All three of these minerals play a vital role in the health of your nails, hair, and teeth.
  4. Reduce wrinkles and stretch marks –– Thanks to the collagen in gelatin, you can improve the firmness of your skin and reduce the appearance of both wrinkles and stretch marks. It will help to increase the collagen present in your skin and ensure that your skin stays healthy and strong.
  5. Aids in liver health ––  Gelatin contains a nutrient known as glycine, which is a vital amino acid that your body needs to detoxify the human body. If you are trying to keep your liver healthy, it’s important that you flush it of toxins. Thanks to the glycine in gelatin, it’s easier to keep your liver in good shape.

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  1. Promotes healthy digestion — Gelatin can help to increase the production of hydrochloric acid in your stomach, ensuring that your stomach is able to break down the food you consume properly. Studies have found that gelatin makes it easier for your body to break down and absorb the nutrients from red meat, particularly muscle meats.
  2. Aid in weight loss –– Thanks to all the protein in gelatin, you’ll find that you will build muscle more easily. You can also fill up without adding too much fat to your diet, and the detoxification of your liver caused by gelatin will make it easier for your body to burn fat.
  3. Improve joint health –– Worried about developing arthritis in your old age? Start eating gelatin now and you’ll have far less to worry about. Gelatin is packed with chondroitin, a nutrient that helps your body to produce new cartilage. You can improve the health of your joints and stave off degenerative joint conditions as you age.
  4. Improve gut health –– Got leaky gut syndrome? Are you experiencing negative intestinal side effects caused by food intolerance, Celiac disease, or food allergies? Eating gelatin has been proven to help heal the linings of your intestines, ensuring that your vital organs work normally once again.
  5. Speed up wound healing — Thanks to the collagen in gelatin, you can help your body recover from wounds and injuries more quickly. Gelatin also contains glycine and arginine, which is needed by your skin and connective tissue. Getting more of these two nutrients is proven to speed up healing after wounds–both minor and more serious!

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  • Good article. I first learned about this from the book, “Sip Away Your Wrinkles.” I’m a man in my 60s, and I think it has made a definite difference in appearance. I get comments from people who are surprised when they learn my age.

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