A Face Only A Mother Could Love

Written by Emily

Let’s preface this by me saying I love dogs. I’ve grown up with them and I’ve even found the most ugliest of dogs adorable in their own ways. When I decided I wanted to expand my family of one dog to two, I started looking on to find one to adopt. This is where it got weird. I just happened to look all over when I found Willow.

YIKES! Okay, so I know I’m terrible for even posting this, but come on Chicago Canine Rescue. You couldn’t have cleaned the girl up a little bit? Maybe given her some sort of pirate eye patch or a freaking BATH first?! I mean really. Do you want this poor dog to stay in your rescue forever?! She’s clearly been through more crap than I even care to think about, but help the old girl out would you? FYI, I am sending this statement to the Chicago Canine Rescue.

This now brings me to Puggy.

Dear Jesus. The owner says he is a “sight for sore eyes” and well, it’s kinda right in its own twisted way. Sure he looks awkward, but happy enough and lucky to have a good owner who’s willing to cut up his food and watch him chew with his tongue. Ew. He is the current Guinness Book of World Records holder for “Dogs Longest Tongue” measuring out at 4.5 inches. If that doesn’t get him the pick of the best bitch in the litter, I don’t know what will.

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