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Beach Dress for Less

Written by Ashley

Upon my arrival to the park on Sunday to lay out  I immediately regretted

#1 forgetting my sunscreen… Yes, I got burned realllllll bad in case you were wondering. I look like a walking fire-hydrant.

#2 the scrunchie-topped sundress that was WAYYY too tight on my gazongas.  I had to awkwardly squirm out of my dress in many different ways, while trying to look confident and put together….  key-work ‘trying’.  I looked like a fish flopping around on a boat deck… trying to get out of a sundress.

NO-LONGER will I have this trouble because I raided Steph’s closet for a less restrictive dress…and immediately looked it up.  I wanted to get one for myself, in case, God forbid, some day Steph and I part…and we have to declare custody to items like our kitty, and this here dress:

Victoria's Secret Strapless Smocked Dress. Original $55, Sale $39

Victoria's Secret Strapless Smocked Dress. Original $55, Sale $39

On Sale?  Chyea, I’m pickin’ one up for myself!

It’s tight enough to make sure my tata’s stay put, but loosey goosey enough to make sure my tata’s aren’t pancaked down and awkwardly peeking out upon my bathing suit unveiling at the beach, park or whervever else I decide to unleash myself.  Once my sunburn stops keeping me up all night, that is.

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